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for 'musical magic', challenge #13 of round 7 over at [livejournal.com profile] lands_of_magic. i created a dean-centric fanmix.
each link opens in a new tab. click on the images to view the original size.
click here for the full playlist.

finding a way in the dark

i. «get out while you can» get scared
You'd better get out while you can,
This isn't going anywhere,
I've bitten through my fingernails,
I only warn you 'cause I care...

Save me from myself, I'm going down, down, down!

So trusting, stop feeling sorry for me,
Don't touch me, I'll never leave this place.
I'll only let you down, I'm fucking sick, believe me!
I know I'll find a way, to pull myself from the grave!

ii. «cunning, not convincing» get scared
You've got so much to hide
It's the truth that you can't abide by
Killer by trade
There's no other way
For you to eat your way out
Your chains will eat you alive!
Hell waits for no one

iii. «if nothing breaks, nothing moves» arcane roots
So give me a moment,
because I'm finding a way in the dark.
The time we have stolen, kept us from falling.
But now we're falling apart.

iv. «get out» thin lizzy
Pack up, give in, go home, get out

I used to be a dreamer
But I realized that it's not my style at all
In fact it becomes clearer that a dreamer
Doesn't stand a chance at all

And I've become bitter
For I believe that this is better

v. «had enough» lower than atlantis
Think I've blown a fuse
There's blood on my knuckles
The smile on my face is fake
And the vein on my head suggests you get running

vi. «i can climb mountains» hell is for heroes
'Cause I can run, I can hide
I can take a world of pain in a stride
And I don't need fairy tales to pretend
And I don't need heroes to depend

vii. «heaven» natalia kills
And I'm jealous of the angels
'Cause they see you every day
And I see you when I'm dreaming
But it doesn't feel the same

viii. «hurt» thousand foot krutch
Help me help you they wont be there
Help me help you they won't see

It hurts when you need me
And I can't break your fall
It hurts when you can't see
And it hurts


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